We never forget that AIT, Raypower FM, and Daarsat is a choice, we put customers first and work hard to earn their trust. We make our products affordable so millions can join in. And we back it all up with a commitment to exceptional customer service. Seeing the bigger picture is part and parcel of the way we do business. That’s why we’re committed to doing the right thing and playing our part in the communities where we live and work.

We strive to be the best for our customers and our people and to make a positive contribution to life in Nigeria. We believe that focusing on long-term sustainability is the best way to achieve lasting success and create value for shareholders. We’re always looking for ways to improve. That spirit has made us what we are today, and it will drive us to become what we want to be tomorrow.

Respect in all our dealings with our customers

We want our customers to enjoy and value our products and services. We provide honest and accurate information and, if a customer is disappointed or unhappy, we listen and take their concerns seriously. We know that sometimes things go wrong and, when this happens, we work to get issues fixed as quickly as possible. If a customer wants to complain about our services, we tell them how to do so and try to resolve their complaint quickly.

Safe on screen and online

We provide our viewers with the best choice of high-quality content and the flexibility to watch it the way they want. We ensure our news coverage is fair, accurate and impartial. We also protect viewers from content that could cause harm or offence. If a viewer is concerned or offended by something they see or hear on only of our channels they can contact our corporate affairs team and we will treat their comments seriously. We help parents keep their children safe by providing parental controls on our TV platform and online, as well as providing practical advice to parents`.

Confidentiality and security

We appreciate that customers trust us with their personal details. We make sure this information is kept confidential and secure. We only use it for authorised purposes, in accordance with our Data Governance Policy. If there is ever a breach of these standards, we will deal with it robustly to protect our customers and retain their trust.

Honesty and integrity

We expect DAAR people to behave with professionalism, honesty, and integrity at all times. We don’t tolerate any form of illegal activity and our employees don’t seek to benefit themselves or others by misusing their position. We never ask for or give bribes or other inducements, whether directly or indirectly, and we avoid potential conflicts of interest.

Whenever we spend company money, we make sure it is appropriate and fully documented. Our property and equipment is used for business activities only and treated with care and respect. Any suspicion of fraud or theft should be reported.

Being offered or offering gifts and hospitality is sometimes part of business relationships. However, we are always careful to avoid potential conflicts of interest and anything that could be seen as inappropriate, such as accepting gifts or hospitality when awarding work to suppliers.

Using drugs or alcohol in a way that affects safe and successful work is not tolerated. Anyone whose performance, judgment or behavior at work is impaired by drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to continue working. People must not use, possess or distribute illegal or unauthorised drugs at work. We offer confidential counseling to anyone who is worried about drug or alcohol misuse.

We encourage and expect people to speak up and report any behaviour that concerns them. Employees can raise concerns at any time without fear of being penalised and any issues will be investigated promptly.

Equality and fairness

At DAAR we treat all our people equally, fairly, with respect and without prejudice. We make decisions about people’s employment with DAAR based on their ability, performance, and qualifications. This principle also applies when we make decisions about development, promotion, pay, and benefits.

We deliver some of the most diverse content and services available to a wide range of consumers. We value the same diversity within our business and promote a culture of opportunity for all, regardless of background.

We never tolerate unfair treatment or discrimination at work based or ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability or sexual orientation. If people are aware of discrimination at work, they should report it immediately and we will investigate their allegations. Equally, we do not tolerate bullying or any other kind of harassment, such as offensive jokes, unwelcome advances or intimidating comments. If people experience or witness harassment, they should report it and their allegation will be investigated.