RayPower 100.5 FM

The Ultimate in style…

RayPower FM seeks to promote human dignity, orderly development of society, free speech, responsible government and good citizenship.  The programming is basically “infotainment”. Information in content and excitingly entertaining. RayPower is a real celebration of contemporary African life and a promotion of values that enhances human dignity.The programmes are designed for general listen to ing. RayPower prides itself as the radio station of reference in Nigeria in terms of the latest musical works and the breaking of topical news Stories in the country, some parts of Africa, the United States of America and the western world generally. With an array of seasoned Broadcast Journalists, the News and Current Affairs content of the station is unique and topical.The programming repertoire covers all aspect of life and the entertainment world most especially: News, Current Affairs, Politics, Business, Sports, Health, Gender Matters, Youths & Children, Environment, Culture, Religion, and Life Style.

Some of the programmes are:

Current Affairs: Ultimate Morning Show, Fact File, Political Platform, Nigeria This Morning, Vision Nigeria, Newspaper Review.

Musicals/Entertainment: RayPower Lounge, Sunny Side Up, Soul Serenade, Saturday Afternoon Jamz, Grand Slam, Power Play, Thank God It’s Friday, Primetime Africa, Kennis Music International, RayPower Top Ten Show, Power Express, Bacchanal Time/Calypso Music, Quiet Storm.

Global Musical Programmes: RayPower Top Ten Countdown, UK Top 40 Countdown, Top 10 Africa, Continental Trip

Sports: RayPower Sports, BBC Sports, Milo World of Sports, Sports Tonic, Sports Legends, English Premier League, Sports Round-up, Sports Salsa, Weekend Sports, Mega Sports, Sports World.

News: World News, Window on Africa, City Update, RayPower Headline News, Global News, National News, News Flakes, Nigeria Today

Business News: RayPower Business News, Business Reports on news Bulletins

Weather Reports: RayPower Weather Reports

Specials: Grandslam, Annual Grammy Awards, RayPower Traffic Update, Live, Shows/OB

Cultural: Mini Jojo – Yoruba Language, Yakpotuba – Igbo Language, Dada Ido – Hausa Language, Afemai Nekhai- Afemai/Etsako Language, Enjoyment Yafun Yafun – Pidgin Language

Magazine/Developmental: Breakfast Show, Frankly Speaking

Health Tips

…and other Award Winning Programmes