Terms of use

Welcome to DAAR Communications Plc Digital Products and Services. These Terms of Use, effective from 20 October 2013, apply whether you are a registered user or just a visitor to any of our Digital Products and Services. We explain what we mean by Digital Products and Services below under the section headed “What do these DAAR Communications Plc Terms of Use cover?” By accessing or using our Digital Products and Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use.

Who makes the DAAR Communications Plc Digital Products and Service available to me?
Our Digital Products and Services are made available to you by DAAR Communications Plc which is a statutory corporation established under the National Broadcasting Commission Act 1992. Our postal address is AIT Drive, off TY Danjuma, Asokoro, Abuja, FCT Nigeria.

Why is it important to read these Terms of Use?
Our Terms of Use are important because they confirm both our legal commitment to you and a number of legal DOs and DONTs which you need to be aware of when you use our Digital Products and Services. Our commitment to you is supplemented by our Viewer Promise and our Privacy Policy. In return, we would ask you to act in a legally responsible and respectful manner in accordance with these Terms of Use.

Should I read any other information or terms?
Please also read our Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, Community Guidelines and Competition Terms. Each of these policies forms part of these Terms of Use.

Additional terms may also apply to some of our Digital Products and Services and they will be made clear to you at the relevant page or point of access.

We also offer some helpful responses to frequently asked questions and the opportunity to contact us on our contact us page.

What do these DAAR Communications Plc Terms of Use cover?
These Terms of Use apply to your use of most of our Digital Products and Services. We do not provide a complete list of our Digital Products and Services but by way of example, they include our websites (daargroup.com, aitinternational.co.uk, raypowerfm.com and other websites operated by us), AIT, RaypowerFM, Daarsat and our Content available through third party websites (including social networking sites). Please note that there are some exceptional AIT TV digital services which are subject to different terms of use and where this is the case, you will be directed to these.

When we refer to our Content, we mean any audio, video, text, images, trademarks, logos or other content made available to you by us and may sometimes include content which is owned or controlled by third parties which we are permitted to make available to you.

We will normally provide a link from the relevant Digital Product or Service to this document so that you know that these Terms of Use apply.

These Terms of Use apply regardless of the sort of device you are using to access our Digital Products and Services. Therefore, they will apply whether you are using a computer, laptop, smartphone, smart phone, tablet, games console or any other device.

Is DAAR Communications Plc Content suitable for everyone and what parental control tools are available to me?
Our Content may contain material that you consider indecent, objectionable or which may not be suitable for young audiences. If you permit a child to use your device to view our Content (including watching AIT), you are solely responsible for deciding whether or not such Content is appropriate for that child to view. Where relevant, parental guidance is provided (in the form of ‘G’ for guidance) with additional warnings at the beginning of our video content and other guidance on non-video content (where applicable) and we would ask that you pay attention to this if you are concerned in any way.